Wondering about the benefits of improv for business? Listen to this.

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I spend a lot of time convincing businesses of the power of improv.

(It boosts productivity, teamwork, engagement, and communication, among many other things.)

But you don’t have to take only my word for it.

A new 20-minute podcast from Improv Chronicle gives an excellent overview. Three experienced improv facilitators describe many other benefits:

  • confidence in communication and presentation
  • allowing the humanity to return to corporations
  • psychological safety for workers
  • increased connectedness (especially important for remote work)
  • listening and teamwork
  • laughter, humour, and positivity
  • preparedness to take risks
  • improved leadership “in the moment”
  • …and many more.

If you’re curious about what improv can do for your team, or if you want to convince your leadership, this is well worth a listen:

(Transcript provided here if you’d rather read.)

Have you tried improv training in your business? What was your experience? Please share your comments in my LinkedIn post.