Improv Communication Workshops for Students

For students and other youth groups, I teach communication and life skills through a fun mix of improv games, exercises, and discussion. In-person I’ve effectively taught children as young as 8; online delivery is best for ages 12 and up. I customize workshops to the age, needs, and goals of the group.

Improv communication skills training is active, engaging, and experiential. No boring lectures here! It’s learning with a smile, with immediate and long-lasting results. Through a fun mix of exercises, games, and discussion, students and youth will learn how to:

  • develop active listening skills and empathy
  • build courage and accept vulnerability
  • embrace a growth mindset and incorporate failure as experience
  • maintain wellness through mindful self-awareness
  • collaborate to achieve success (“Yes And”)
  • encourage spontaneity and non-judgement of ideas
  • understand status roles and their effect on interpersonal communication

And as you’d expect, improv workshops are adaptable to your group needs. Contact me today to explore what’s possible and get a quick demonstration of my exercises and teaching. I guarantee you’ll get at least one new tip to boost your group relationships.

Your Facilitator

David Raitt - Photo

David Raitt is a professional theatre performer and instructor with over 25 years of experience in improv comedy. He is an alumnus of the world famous Second City theatre, having performed in 11 comedy revues in Toronto, at theatres and events all over Canada, and on Norwegian Cruise Line. Besides training actors, Dave has taught communication skills to business teams, students, at-risk youth, and the public since 2001.

“As an improvisational theatre professional, I understand the pressures of on-demand performance! Telling spontaneous stories for paying audiences builds teamwork, listening, and creativity. And anyone can learn these same skills through improv training. With over 25 years of performing and teaching experience, I’m pleased to be your guide.”

Workshop Details

  • My standard student and youth workshops are 60-90 minutes long. I can also put together a customized all-day or multi-day curriculum.
  • Ideal group size is 10-15 participants, with no more than 25 recommended. For large groups, I may need to engage additional facilitators.
  • Space requirements for in-person workshops: Improv is active. The space you provide needs to be open and able to accommodate the group standing or sitting in a loose circle. Chairs may be used, but there should be room to move them aside for some exercises.
  • Online Workshops are available via Zoom or other online meeting software of your choice.

Please contact me for rates, availability, and a demonstration of my teaching methods.

Curriculum & Workshop Examples

Through my work with The Second City Education Company, I have trained in workshop delivery specifically for the Ontario English and Drama curriculum. I have also taught a number of specialty student workshops, including:

  • Physical Education: Sports team communication, Leadership
  • Co-op and Employment Education: Job interview skills, Customer service interaction
  • Student Leadership: Communication for college/university residence advisers
  • Debate Teams: Improve speaking confidence and present your best argument

Please contact me for rates, availability, and a demonstration of my teaching methods.