David Raitt - Photo

Hi, I’m David Raitt.

I’m a Copywriter & Content Marketing Strategist. I create clear copy and engaging content for passionate businesses to tell your story, attract more customers, and grow your business. I also use my technical and SEO skills to help you spread your message online.

Most of my 21+ years of experience have been in two of the most competitive markets online: Real Estate and Law. But I’m proud of my ability to learn and explain any subject with clear, entertaining copy. Many interests enrich my creativity, including psychology, law, film, and of course, marketing strategy. As a comic actor, I’ve toured in theatres all over the country, written a Canadian Comedy Award-nominated sketch revue, and will soon publish a book on improv techniques.

My distinct value is PRINCIPLED PERFORMANCE.

I apply solid, proven principles of Content Marketing. I perform with complete transparency and high attention to detail. I share all the information you need to feel confident about your marketing. No surprises. (Learn more about Principled Performance on the Work with Me page.)

You know your business offers great products and services. If you don’t have the strategy, resources, or time to tell the world about them, I can help! Learn more about how we can work together – apply for a free 20-minute assessment today.

Support for BIPOC & LGBTQ2S+ Business Owners

If you’re an owner of a marginalized business, I’ll volunteer my time to help connect you with marketing resources to grow your business. It’s my commitment to listening and elevating the whole community. Read my full pledge here.

Interesting Facts & Links

  • I’ve been performing and teaching improv and sketch comedy for nearly 25 years. My first book of improv instruction is currently seeking publication. Learn more about Improv Illusionist.
  • I’m a recurring cast member in The Bigger Bang, a sci-fi comedy podcast produced by the Oakville Improv Theatre Company. It’s much like the original The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Among many roles, I play the endearingly cranky Professor Feynstein. After a short hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re now back recording new episodes.

Communication Workshops for Business Teams

How well does your business team work together? I also teach workshops in interpersonal communication skills through improvisation. Improv is a great for building confidence, generating fresh ideas quickly, accepting failure gracefully, and developing powerful teams.

In-person and Online workshops are available. For information, please visit my personal improv website.