Why business teams MUST embrace Failure to achieve Success

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Here’s a secret about #improv comedy.

99% of what we do is failure.

It’s nearly impossible for a group to tell a coherent improvised story. Scenes have confusing plots, if they have a story at all. Character relationships aren’t clear.

And when the lights go down, most often it’s not because of an ending. It’s to save the performers.

Improv is a continuous exercise in failure.

Yet audiences still love it. Because they know this failure is the path to success.

We explore a story as we create it. Whatever happens, we work to justify its happening. When the story “fails,” we adjust.

In these adjustments we discover surprises and funny ideas. A scene still might not work, but the process entertains as much as the product.

You can always get something from a “failed” idea. Embrace it as part of your story, even if only a lesson learned.

But if you’re afraid to fail, you don’t take risks. That’s worse for everyone, because playing it safe gives you no chance to explore.

Think about how your work culture views failure. And how you reinforce that culture in your management style.

Do you avoid failure at all costs, or embrace it as a path to success?

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