Road Map

Content Marketing Road Map

How we get new clients to find and choose YOU!

Road Map - Strategy


Finding holes in your current marketing process. Understanding core problems of your clients and how your business helps solve them.

  • Business Analysis
  • Audience / Offer / Story
  • Goals, Measurement, Forecasting

Road Map - Foundation


Setting up digital infrastructure to support your campaign.

  • Analytics & Tracking
  • Website / Tools / Services
  • SEO Audit

Road Map - Content


The creative process. Crafting messaging that tells your unique story.

  • Landing Page
  • Email Campaign
  • Incentive Content


Merging content with digital infrastructure for maximum effect.

  • Automation
  • Testing
  • Multi-Channel Release
  • Online Advertising Referral

Road Map - Review


Measuring results and adjusting content for continuous improvement.

  • Ongoing Process
  • Split-Testing
  • Automate & Scale
  • Flywheel Effect - Build on small wins for major success!

Most projects completed in 30-90 days.
Then we repeat this cycle with the next project.