Free Google AdWords Audit – More Clients for your Local Business

FREE Google AdWords Audit:
Get More Clients for
Your Law Practice

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Would You Like To “Turbo Boost” Your Google AdWords Campaigns, Stretch Your Budget and Generate More High-Quality Prospects?

If the answer is YES, then contact me now to learn how you can start acquiring more prospects and clients as quickly as next week!

In your free consultation you’ll learn…

  • Common mistakes most businesses make that sabotage their AdWords performance
  • How a high-converting landing page generates more leads than your current website
  • How to increase the number of prospects you attract, while at the same time drive down your ads’ cost-per-click
  • How to track EVERY conversion (including phone calls) so you can make more accurate decisions for your campaigns

Google AdWords continues to get more competitive. A Client Acquisition Specialist can help you boost the performance of your current campaigns.

Whether or not you’re satisfied with your current AdWords results, there are very likely a number of things you can adjust to do better. Contact me today so I can learn more about your business and help you reach more of the potential clients you are most interested in.

My 21-Point Campaign Audit reviews all of the major and minor settings common to Google AdWords campaigns, plus additional elements like ad copy and headline structure. Optimization of one or more of these elements can greatly increase the response to your ads, lower your costs, or both!

Contact A Local Business Client Acquisition Specialist Today!

It’s common knowledge that in order to grow your business fast in today’s online world, you MUST be generating new high-quality appointments (that turn into clients) for your business.

If you’re not happy with the number of prospects your ads are bringing in, then it’s time you stop missing out, and start making the changes that can bring you real results.

This is an opportunity for you to DRAMATICALLY grow your business with MORE high-quality prospects and clients for LESS ad spend!

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