My FAMOUS “I Won’t” Service Pledge

Let’s be honest – the services of a high-quality Client Acquisition Consultant are expensive. In addition to receiving great value, you need to know exactly what your online marketing partner stands for.

So here’s what I WON’T do…

1. I won’t pressure you

There are no slick sales pitches in my initial consultations – just friendly, objective, informative conversation to help you learn how to overcome your particular challenges in attracting new clients. I work with you to determine whether these methods are a good fit for your business.

2. I won’t fob you off

You came here for MY skills and expertise, not the best guess of a junior associate. You will always speak directly to me – I have no “gatekeepers”. I strictly limit my client base to be able to give every account adequate attention. And if I honestly feel some aspect of the work is best handled by someone else, you can rest assured I supervise any sub-contractors extremely closely.

3. I won’t waste your time

…because who has that much in the first place? I use an online scheduling service so you can book confirmed telephone appointments, on YOUR time, and get my full attention to your needs. Monthly account reviews are scheduled the same way.

4. I won’t keep you in the dark

I’m firmly committed to educating business owners. Whether you love marketing or barely tolerate it, you should know enough to make educated decisions about how your marketing budget is spent. I won’t exploit your lack of “tech-knowledge” to bill you for services you don’t need. Unlike some consultants, I’ll answer all your questions, and you can review my work and marketing methods at any time. I use an online project management system to keep you in the loop and allow us to review and exchange deliverables.

5. I won’t compete against you

Some agencies will take on work from ANY business, including competing local businesses in the same area. Your contract with me guarantees exclusivity within your service area. At the same time, any marketing successes achieved for similar businesses in different cities will be shared with YOU.

6. I won’t waste your money

I’m committed to driving down your Online Marketing costs quickly, through a rigorous process of split-testing and optimization. Some of my suggestions may seem radical at first, but when they boost your return-on-investment you will enjoy the difference!

When choosing an Online Marketing Consultant…
consider your options carefully.

Will they do what I WON’T?

Contact me today to discuss your current marketing situation.

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