Marketing is NOT an Expense – it’s an Opportunity

Are you investing enough in your Marketing?

If you’re serious about creating and growing a sustainable business, Marketing cannot be just another line item in your budget.

It cannot be something that you only feed when you need clients, or after a “good month”.

Marketing is an investment that opens up a huge number of opportunities for your professional practice.

Here are just a few:


Consistent marketing attracts an abundance of leads and potential clients. When you have more work on offer than you can handle, you gain Control over your business.

You can choose the clients and files that you take on, whether they’re the most lucrative or the most fulfilling. You can dismiss problem clients and replace them with more agreeable ones.

And you can set expectations with clients that give you more control over your schedule. If your marketing demonstrates enough real value, you can actually get clients to sell themselves to you, instead of the other way round.

Demonstrate enough real value and you can actually get clients to sell themselves to YOU. Click To Tweet


Many professionals resist constant marketing because they worry about how to deal with the excess clients they won’t be able to service. But consider what kind of referral fee arrangements you can negotiate when you have a reliable source of potential referrals.

You can also use Marketing to build systems for inbound referrals. Create a referral program and turn colleagues and former clients into active “salespeople” for your business. The results are far better than waiting around for people to remember you.

A referral program turns colleagues and former clients into active 'salespeople' for your business. Click To Tweet


Marketing systems (especially online) allow you to track performance. Use the results to find and improve weak spots in your client acquisition. This makes your marketing more efficient, which can actually save you money.

Tracking performance also provides you with reliability. If you know from your stats that an ad campaign delivers leads for X dollars, you can easily make decisions about how to scale up or down, and be confident about your expected return-on-investment.

But you only get this reliability when you put in the work to build systems and test them!

The Bottom Line? Invest in Marketing

As a professional service provider, you don’t get to do the work you want to without clients. Marketing is how you attract those clients, and you have to work at it consistently to get the most out of it.

This mindset shift from marketing as expense to marketing as opportunity can be difficult, but the benefits to your business are well worth it.


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Many professional service providers lack access to good information on actually running a business. I love to help business owners learn online marketing strategy and make great decisions about growing your practice.

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