Pledge of Support for Marginalized Businesses

To all BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ business owners:

It’s time. Time for everyone in the business community to embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion. To acknowledge that marginalized businesses have unique issues and special needs. It’s time to elevate business owners. To listen and serve.

You’re likely here because you’re facing challenges sustaining and growing your business. Maybe I can help.

I recognize I am a white, straight, cisgender male with extraordinary privilege. It’s wrong to claim that I have an insight into the business issues of marginalized groups. Or that I have the experience to provide the specific solution you need. But I’m committed to listening. And I believe working to break down barriers can only make the entire community stronger.

Over 20+ years, I’ve built a network of resources, contacts, and digital marketing knowledge. I’ve helped many businesses create predictable and efficient growth online. If that knowledge can be of service to those without the access I’ve enjoyed, it’s my obligation to offer it.

So, that’s why I make the following pledge…

If you’re a BIPOC or LGBTQ2S+ business owner, I’ll volunteer my time to help connect you with marketing resources to grow your business. This includes a complimentary Strategy Session to review your current marketing strategy and suggest improvements. I offer this with no obligation or expectation of continued business. And I’ll be happy to refer you to any other marketing professional you prefer.

I know an offer like this is a drop in the ocean of repairing the imbalances in our world. But we must all make a start somewhere. This is my commitment to listening, serving, and elevating marginalized business owners everywhere.

Contact me anytime to discuss your needs. Apply for a free 20-minute Marketing Assessment, or call me at (289) 837-3794.