How to Set Up a Lead Magnet System on Your Website

You’ve put in the work and drafted a great Lead Magnet. Now it’s time to set up your website to promote it and capture new leads!

Here’s a brief outline and some tips for the major steps in this process.

0. Install Analytics

You can’t measure the effectiveness of ANY marketing activity without data! Be sure to install analytics on your website first to track visitors and their activity.

1. Set up a Mailing List and Autoresponder Messages

Prior to capturing leads, you’ll need to know how you’ll be communicating with them. If you’re a very small shop and only need a small number of leads, you may be able to get away with your own internal email, but more than likely you’ll want to consider a dedicated Email Marketing System.

MailChimp is a good starting option – they currently offer a “Free Forever” plan up to 2,000 contacts, so you can set up quickly without committing financially. But there are many different systems out there to choose from, each with their own pros, cons and price points. More robust Automation and Sales tools generally raise the monthly service fee, but most businesses will likely have only simple needs, and MailChimp should work just fine.

Once you’ve selected a system, you’ll need to create a mailing list for your contacts. You’ll also need at least one Autoresponder message to deliver the Lead Magnet when people sign up to the list. Instead of attaching a file to this message, use a link to a separate page on your website. This gets your leads back onto the site where they might look around a little more.

You will also need a couple of follow-up email messages, reminding people to view the Lead Magnet, asking them for feedback, and possibly offering a phone call or consultation. Schedule these messages to run on consecutive days following the initial sign-up.

2. Set up Contact Form (and Privacy Policy)

Your Email Marketing System will allow you to create a contact form and provide instructions on how to add it to your website. If you’re not using an EMS right now, one option is an opt-in form builder like Sumo, which provides different options for creating contact forms and sending you the leads.

Keep your form simple – the more contact info you request, the lower your response rate will be. For most Lead Magnet offers you really only need an email address, and maybe a first name if you want to personalize your follow-up.

Also, be sure your website has at least a basic Privacy Policy, linked at the bottom of every page and also possibly near the form. This provides confidence to people that their personal information won’t be abused.

Keep your form simple - the more contact info you request, the lower your response rate will be. Share on X

3. Create a Landing Page

Using a sidebar or overlay, you could install the contact form to appear on all of your web pages. However, a separate landing page for the offer helps you focus the visitor’s attention. It also gives you a specific location to drive traffic from your ad campaigns.

In addition to using your own web page process, you could investigate any of the numerous landing page builder services, like LeadPages or Unbounce. Among other benefits, these services provide great-looking templates, automatic Lead Magnet delivery, and excellent tracking and testing tools. They’re especially good if you practice in multiple areas and might have several different lead magnets.

Again, keep it simple. You don’t need a lot of copy or fancy elements to sell people on a short resource. Use a benefit-rich headline (e.g. “Free Report shows you How to Save Thousands on your Taxes this year”), a few bullet points teasing some of the main takeaways from the resource, and your contact form. That’s all the page needs.

Follow your email marketing system’s instructions to add the form to your landing page. Landing page builders integrate with all the major email systems, so that can make things easier.

Wait until you have your mailing list and autoresponder sequence ready before you publish the landing page live on your site.

4. Add Links from Other Pages

There are any number of ways to link to your Lead Magnet landing page from your other pages. Various free and paid tools can provide pop-ups, info bars, sidebar ads and other visual callouts. You should also link from the text in your blog posts, and maybe also within other pages if it makes sense.

The important thing is that visitors to ANY page of your site are made aware of your Lead Magnet and easily able to get there.

5. TEST!

There are a lot of moving pieces in a lead capture system. Be sure to test the form and be sure you receive the follow-up email. Re-test the system every once in a while as well, especially if you notice any changes in your results.

6. Review Results and Continually Improve

Once the system is up and running, regularly check-in with your analytics to see how you’re performing.

You will want to know the percentage of visitors to your Lead Magnet landing page who actually sign up. Everyone asks what this percentage should be, but a hard answer is difficult to provide. Depending on your industry, offer, and many other factors, a good result could be anywhere from 3-20%.

But why settle for a “good enough” hard goal percentage? There are always improvements you can make in marketing and visitor response. You should continually test your offer copy and landing page design in order to improve results over time. This is why landing page builder services are so useful. They provide easy ways to split-test your offer and boost your numbers.

How long will this take?

Depending on your level of technical expertise, the tools you choose, and how your website is set up, a project like this could take several hours to complete. With some focused effort you could get it done over a weekend. If you’d like help, you can find any number of experts to take the work off your hands (including myself ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

Either way, setting up a Lead Magnet system is one of the most effective ways to attract more clients and boost the effectiveness of all your other marketing.


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