3 Simple Email Templates to Turn Leads Into Clients

Part of setting up your Email Marketing system is drafting a short introductory email sequence to respond to your leads. Business owners often get bogged down in the details of what to write, so I’ve provided some simple templates below that you can adapt for your own use.

When you read through these you may think they’re a little bit too simple, but that’s really the point. Email needs to strike a balance, feeding the reader’s interest without overwhelming them. It’s tempting to want your email to tell the reader everything. But unless you’re a master copywriter, long emails have difficulty holding interest.

It’s much better to keep things short and personal. The more you can make your messages look like you wrote them specifically for the reader, the more likely they’ll be read and acted on.

Template Notes

  • Use personalization. If you were writing specifically to one person, you’d use their name. So, make use of the personalization features of your email system for your automated messages too. Replace the %FIRST_NAME% code in my templates with the code your email system uses for personalization.
  • Keep it short. When adapting the templates for your own business, you’ll have to add a sentence or two here and there <where the text is marked like this>. Try to keep these as short as you can. Avoid using long paragraphs in these introductory messages.
  • Make sure to include unsubscribe links. Privacy regulations require you provide the lead an opportunity to unsubscribe from future email. Most systems add these automatically.
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Message 1: Delivery

PURPOSE: Deliver the Lead Magnet or other information that you promised. Set expectation for future messaging – how often you’ll be sending and what type of info you’ll send. Ask them to “whitelist” you to avoid messages going to spam.

TIMING: Send immediately after the lead signs up.

SUBJECT LINE: Here’s your <Delivery Item>



Thanks for requesting my <Delivery Item>! You made a smart decision to take action to <promised benefit that the Delivery Item provides>, and I know this valuable information can help you.

Here’s the link to download <Title of the Delivery Item>: <LINK>

<If there are any other steps or actions to take, such as coupon redemption or webinar connection instructions, put them here.>

I’ve got some more great stuff I know you’ll want to see – I’ll send it tomorrow. You may want to add my email address to your Safe Senders list so you don’t miss out on any important or time-sensitive info.

Best regards,
<Your Signature>

PS: Was there a pressing reason you signed up for the <Delivery Item>? I’m happy to chat about your situation. Just hit reply and tell me about it.

Message 2: Business Intro & Additional Content

PURPOSE: Tell your brief story about what you do. Provide a second free resource or a link to popular website or blog content. Ask if they have questions about the info you provided. Introduce an offer for your services, but not as the focus of the message.

TIMING: Send one day following Message 1.

SUBJECT LINE: We can help you



<In no more than three sentences, tell the reader what you do, why you do it, and how you can help them, based on the topic of the Delivery Item you provided. For example: “Most busy professionals don’t have access to great information on how to find new clients and business opportunities online. I help them learn and implement the most effective marketing strategies to grow their practice. My ‘9 Ways to Get More Clients’ report that you requested is just the beginning!”>

You’ll also be interested in this: <Name and Description of Second Resource or Website/Blog Content>. It will show you how to <benefit to the reader>.

And watch your inbox tomorrow. I’ve got something very special for you…

Best regards,
<Your Signature>

PS: Do you have any questions about the info in my <Original Delivery Item>? Or would you like to chat about how I can help you with <problem that your services solve>? Just hit reply and ask away.

Message 3: Offer Services

PURPOSE: Make a formal offer for your services. Include a special discount or bonus specifically for email list members. Consider setting a deadline to encourage quick response – you can handle this manually through the email send date, or use advanced tools to set up a countdown timer.

TIMING: Send one day following Message 2.

SUBJECT LINE: Special opportunity inside…



I hope you’ve found the information in my last two messages helpful for <benefit to the reader>. (Please let me know if you didn’t receive those free resources.)

Now I’ve got something very special just for people who requested my <Original Delivery Item>.

<Describe your special offer. Try to be succinct, but include as much as necessary to sell the offer.>

<Include a warning about any deadline or limited availability to motivate them to act quickly. DON’T use fake scarcity or deadlines you won’t honour – that will hurt your credibility.>

You can learn more and <sign up/register/purchase/enroll> here: <LINK>

Best regards,
<Your Signature>

PS: Remember, this is a limited offer. <Repeat a one-sentence version of the offer and deadline/availability from above.> Get in touch today!


This 3-message sequence is the minimum introduction to you and your business. It’s very effective, but for some people it may take many more messages before they respond. Maintain these leads on your email list and send them links to any new content or special offers from time to time.

But remember, it should be all about them! Always provide useful and actionable information for your readers. If all you do is push sales offers at them, interest will drop very quickly, and your unsubscribe and complaint rates will rise.

Remember also that message templates are just the beginning. Only when writing in your own voice can your unique personality shine and attract more clients.


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