The Client-Attractor Process

The Client-Attractor Process is a proven strategy to get clients, leads, referrals, and opportunities through Online Marketing.

It’s a universal process that works well for ANY business. And it’s especially effective for Professional Service Providers.

Don’t for one second think that your business is “different”! This really does work for ANY business, using ANY media, online or offline. That’s because it’s not based on trendy marketing tricks or knowledge of specific markets. It’s based on HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY – how people are attracted to you and compelled to learn more about what you can do for them.

And yes, it DOES work to get clients for B2B products and services. Business decision-makers are humans too – they respond to the same factors as ordinary consumers.

Once you have an effective Client-Attractor platform in place, automation can move people through this process automatically. Warm, high-quality leads will begin to call YOU. This reduces or eliminates the need for cold calling and other prospecting.

When you have a predictable and controllable flow of leads coming in, you can be more selective about the clients you take on. Your work becomes more satisfying and fun. And you get clients without lowering fees, giving away services, or using distasteful “hard-sell” techniques.


Here it is – the Client-Attractor Process…


The foundation of ALL successful marketing efforts is building a profile of the ideal prospects and clients you want to attract. This allows you to craft messaging that speaks directly to the specific types of people you want to work with. And because those people can point to your messaging and say “Yes, that applies to me,” they will be more likely to respond. Focus on WHO you want to attract first!

This doesn’t have to mean you can only attract one specific type of prospect. You can build multiple campaigns that speak to different types of people. But each campaign must have a unique profile.

Once you have your prospect profile(s), your website, advertising, and other marketing must be modified to address these profiles. Build your platform in advance!


Social media posts and/or paid advertisements are targeted at your ideal prospect profile. These messages promise a free resource that solves a problem or provides a desired outcome. This resource is called a Lead Magnet.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: This is Step One from your prospect’s point of view. BUT it’s the LAST thing you should set up! You MUST have a platform in place to capture leads and compel them to take action on your offers. Advertising your business without this platform is a MASSIVE waste of time and money.


Clicking a link, the prospect visits a specifically-targeted Landing Page on your website. Copy on the page describes the Lead Magnet further, and the benefits it provides. To get the resource, the prospect must submit their contact details using a form on the page. At minimum this is an email address, but other info can be collected. The prospect is now captured as a lead. They signal interest in your business and give you permission to begin a dialogue.


As promised, you deliver the resource they request, which contains helpful information. You send additional information and resources to the lead, spaced out over time to not overwhelm them. Continue to educate the lead about how to achieve their desired income. Demonstrate your knowledge and experience as a service provider who can help them. This increases trust and likeability, two important factors in the decision to pay for a service.

The Educate step is also what allows you to promote your business with 100% integrity. You will actually be helping people and building goodwill in your market, which is much more fulfilling than bamboozling prospects with slick marketing tricks.


Once the prospect has shown interest, you will have much more success presenting them with an offer for services. A first offer can be made immediately on delivery of your Lead Magnet. However, many leads will not respond – they don’t yet know you well enough, aren’t educated enough, or are simply not ready to act.

So, follow up! As long as you continue to provide value and education to the lead, presenting offers is completely acceptable. Remind them of the same offer as is, try the same offer with a different price point, or introduce new offers at any time. Send offers through the same channels you use to Educate your leads, or set up Remarketing ads to present them through different media.

5. “SELL”

Done right, your Lead Magnet, continuing education, and follow-up offers do almost all the work of presenting your services. This takes away nearly all the burden of “selling” when leads contact you.

Appointments are now mostly about determining fit between you, and working out the details of delivery. No distasteful “hard-sell” or “closing” techniques are required. You have even presented pricing up front, so there are no awkward pivots in the conversation and no need to negotiate or lower your fees.

Talking to potential new clients becomes an enjoyable experience for both sides.


You know you do great work – now it’s time to show your new client! Deliver more than you promise in your offer, usually as a surprise. This impresses the client, and increases retention and repeat business. Even “one-and-done” services can use this strategy – give clients a bonus or free gift. Every business can find ways to over-deliver.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember, you should have steps 2 through 6 planned out and set up BEFORE attracting leads with Step 1!


You’ve provided great value, education, and service to your client. You’re now entitled to ask for referrals and testimonials. These provide invaluable social proof to use in future marketing. New prospects give a lot of weight to the words of others who achieved their desired outcome through working with you. And referred leads are the easiest to convert to new clients.

Also provide clients with marketing materials to share with their friends and connections. Recruit your clients as salespeople!


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