The best Lead Magnets for your business

A great Lead Magnet boosts the effectiveness of all your marketing, because it allows you to open dialogue with more potential clients than just those who are immediately ready for your services. These conversations keep you top of mind while you help move the lead down the path toward becoming a client.

Remember the qualities of a good Lead Magnet. It should be short, easily consumable, and deliver a quick win for the prospect. If it does all of these, the format really doesn’t matter.

Types of Lead Magnets

Technically, any resource can be a Lead Magnet. Here are some ideas.


Great for helping leads assemble resources, set up a do-it-yourself solution, and/or evaluate their own work. An ordered checklist can guide them through a specific set of steps.

Cheat Sheet

A collection of notes on a topic. Maybe the most important points from a longer resource, or something the lead can refer to while working their way through a solution.

Downloadable Tools

Free tools can help leads with a solution. You don’t have to create a full-blown app, but you could create spreadsheets or similar documents with pre-filled fields and built-in calculations.

Report or White Paper

A longer document that tells a more complete story with more in-depth information. This can help establish your expertise, but you run the risk that not everyone will actually read it.

Case Study

People love case studies because it lets them see solutions applied to a real-life situation. Tell a story, with the people involved, their challenge, the steps you went through to solve it, and the results achieved. Include testimonials from the previous client. If it’s well-written, the client may even want to use it for their own marketing, which can increase your reach.

Quiz or Survey

A quiz or survey form can help you provide different resources to different types of leads. You can use single questions or a scoring system to redirect leads to the most appropriate resource.

Consider Video and Audio

Written documents aren’t the only way to do this. If you’re comfortable being recorded, you may be able to communicate more effectively with video.

You don’t have to appear on camera. As long as the audio quality is good, you can just record slides or a screenshare of your presentation or demonstration.

Speaking of audio, audio files are popular downloads as well, particularly for longer information. People enjoy listening to them while commuting. You might also consider a podcast if your information can be broken up into segments, or you can think of new topics to address. Again, podcasting doesn’t have to be hour-long episodes with huge production values – many popular weekly podcasts are only a few minutes long.


Similar to video, you can present a free (or even paid) webinar as a Lead Magnet. Live events are powerful. They give leads a chance to ask questions, and it gives them the feeling of being part of a larger audience.

A well-presented webinar can also be used to sell services. To get the best results, be sure to teach something to your audience in advance of any pitch. You only get the right to sell once you have provided value in advance.

Depending on the webinar service and software you use, you can even set up a recorded, evergreen version that will run automatically for you on a set schedule. This gives you huge leverage.

One webinar service I recommend is WebinarJam and its partner EverWebinar (for automated webinars). Check out their free webinar to learn more about these services, and how to host successful webinars in general, by clicking here. (NOTE: This is an affiliate link.)

Ready to Get Started?

Choose a Lead Magnet that you can create quickly, according to your experience level with the media you choose. And remember it doesn’t have to be a permanent thing. Your Lead Magnet can evolve based on lead feedback, a better understanding of your market, or shifts in the type of lead you want to attract.


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