8 Ways to Establish Authority and Attract More Clients

I’ve previously written about the benefits of establishing Authority, including differentiation, trust, improved client relations, ability to charge higher fees, increased referrals, and more.

Establishing yourself as an Authority in your market is a highly advantageous marketing activity. Here are some of the many ways you can do it, along with additional quick tips.

Share Others’ Content

A simple way to establish your knowledge and credibility is to curate third-party content from around the web. Start with the most popular sites for people in your industry and dig a little deeper from there. Begin sharing links to great articles on your own blog and social media feeds.

  • Try to add your own commentary or spin on the topic instead of just sharing a link.
  • Ask questions in your sharing post to stimulate discussion and keep people connected to you.
  • If content relates very closely to a service you perform, be sure to mention it and offer your help. Do this sparingly – you don’t want to turn people off by pushing.
When sharing third-party content, add commentary, ask questions, and offer help to stay connected with your audience. Share on X

Create Your Own Content

Third-party content curation is great for establishing your connectedness to an industry, but the disadvantage is that you’re continually sending people to other places. Eventually you should plan to create and share your own content. Try mixing up different media, since everyone consumes information differently.

  • Topic ideas for content: common questions you get from clients, reaction to current news stories in your industry, buyer’s guide to the services you perform (which you can obviously slant toward your own business), common objections you hear from people who don’t buy (and how you overcome them).
  • Content doesn’t have to be very long. The easier and faster it is to consume, the more likely it will be read or viewed.
  • Repurpose content. You could quickly record your thoughts on video, then have it transcribed for a blog post, and also pull out the audio. You now have three separate posts that can be shared in different places.

Answer Questions

Online Q&A sites like Quora are great for connecting with people. In addition to answering questions and establishing your expertise, you also learn the most common questions potential clients ask. This can give you more ideas for your own marketing content.

If you have a large online social audience, you can also answer questions live. Promote an hour in your schedule where you’ll answer all questions as they come in.

Create an Online Community

Create and manage an online group on Facebook or LinkedIn. Communities give you an opportunity to connect with new people and bring them into your environment. Share content and encourage members to do the same. With enough people and involvement, a thriving community can be a huge and continuous source of new business opportunities and referrals.

  • Keep the group focused on topics of interest to the members. People will hestitate to join a group about your medical or dental services, but they might enjoy a group about healthy living.
  • Keep self-promotion to a minimum. It’s nice that members know you’re a service provider, but they won’t enjoy being sold all the time. Offer opinions on shared content. Answer questions. These are the ways you establish yourself without being pushy. You can sell in groups, but don’t overdo it – save promotion for special events. And be sure to police your members’ activity too, so their self-promotion doesn’t drive others away.

Client Testimonials

Ask clients for testimonials and reviews of your service. Use these in all your marketing. Try and get testimonials in different media, too. Video testimonials are especially powerful.

Ask clients for testimonials and reviews, and use them in all your marketing. Share on X

Become a Go-To Expert

Podcasters, reporters and other media people are always looking for new ideas, content and sources. If you’ve got unique knowledge or opinions about your industry, it’s not too hard to connect with people who might want to publish an interview.

  • Use Google and social media to search for media professionals. Search for popular podcasts related to your industry, and look for contact details on their related websites.
  • Don’t just contact these people to say “Hey, interview me!” Prepare in advance by reading or listening to their content and getting to know their focus. Offer opinions of recent pieces. Propose an idea or concept you could discuss.
  • Establish Authority with the media person the same way you would with a client. Connect, share content, establish value. Over time, opportunities to be interviewed will present themselves.

Publish a book

Publishing a book isn’t as hard as it seems! You don’t have to write “War & Peace” – even a booklet under 50 pages can be an effective marketing asset. If you’ve been blogging or creating content for a while, that writing can be easily repurposed into printed form. Downloadable e-books are also popular. There are also a number of done-for-you book services, which connect you with an interviewer who can capture your thoughts and then reorganize them into book form.

List Your Credits

Media appearances, published books and articles, awards, and other credits are powerful differentiators. Promote them at every opportunity on your website, email signature, social profiles, and elsewhere.


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